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Cabal and executables

April 5, 2015

Maybe I did something really wrong in my life, because I constantly run into Cabal Hell. That feeling of powerlessness is refreshing, though depressing. And I hate it the most when I just need to install an executable from Hackage, like pandoc.

But hey, we are software engineers after all. So I decided to write a little helper script to avoid world destruction and get desired executable in my $PATH.

Important note. In the last few years Haskell community did a great job in order to fight the Cabal Hell. And thanks to Stack and Nix-style Local Builds my solution is no longer required. I keep it just for historical reference (and to keep my blog relatively busy).

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CanonicalPath v0.3.0.0

February 4, 2015

Recently there was the third major release of CanonicalPath library introducing some good stuff, but unfortunately breaking API (just a tiny little bit).

New version is available on Github, Hackage and Stackage.

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