CanonicalPath v0.3.0.0

Posted on February 4, 2015
Updated on July 20, 2022
Tagged as #haskell, #release

Recently there was the third major release of CanonicalPath library introducing some good stuff, but unfortunately breaking API (just a tiny little bit).

The new version is available on Github, Hackage and Stackage.

  • Remove UnsafePath data type. It was a synonym to FilePath and was confusing me sometimes, so I decided to cut it off.
  • Rename cpathToText to toText'.
  • Remove pathToText and textToPath.
  • Export toText and fromText from Filesystem.Path.CurrentOS.
  • Export fromPrelude and toPrelude functions.
  • Improve performance (path canonicalization now is performed 1.6x faster than before). Now that I have tests and criterion, I can measure performance.
  • Improve canonicalPath error messages. Most important - now it respects errors from System.Directory.canonicalizePath.
  • Add tests.
  • Add Travis support.
  • Update documentation.

As always - suggestions and pull requests are welcome!