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I grow under the sun. When I am not writing code, I am either drinking wine or drinking tea (with these little cups). Cheese is my bread and tracking everything in Emacs is my cheese.

P.S. d12frosted means dice with 12 sides from the Chessex™ frosted series. I used to play. Just a little bit.

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Fixing PATH in fish with nix-darwin

May 21, 2021

During migration to nix for package and system management in environment#11, I’ve encountered an issue with PATH variable containing seemingly correct entries, but in incorrect order when using fish. Basically, $HOME/.nix-profile/bin is put in the end. Since I am very new to nix ecosystem (using it for few days), it was not clear what is causing this issue (my configuration, nix-home-manager, nix-darwin or fish itself), so I decided to investigate. While it turned out to be a known issue, I learned a little bit in the process and found a local fix, which I am sharing in the end of the post.

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