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Welcome to my personal site, where I irregularly post technical notes, usually Emacs or Haskell-related. I am developer at Wix during the daytime, and developer at home before and after the daytime. When I am not writing code, I am either drinking wine or drinking tea (with these little cups). Cheese is my bread and tracking everything in Emacs is my cheese. So welcome!

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env-extra v1.0.0.0

January 6, 2020

It’s hard (though possible) to imagine a script that doesn’t access environment variables. In Haskell ecosystem there is a good built-in module System.Environment that does the job, but it has several drawbacks. First of all, it uses String data type as input and as an output. And secondly, it lives in IO. Both of these drawbacks are not that critical, but calling all these Text.pack, Text.unpack and liftIO in every program drives me nuts. So several years ago (somewhere in 2016) I decided to write a simple library that wraps it for me.

I’ve been using this library for a long time and today I uploaded it to Hackage. While it’s really small, I still think that some of you might find it useful, because it has some nice features that original System.Environment doesn’t have. Let’s take a look!

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