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I grow under the sun. When I am not writing code, I am either drinking wine or drinking tea (with these little cups). Cheese is my bread and tracking everything in Emacs is my cheese.

P.S. d12frosted means dice with 12 sides from the Chessex™ frosted series. I used to play. Just a little bit.

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AppleScript and the GitHub API

June 15, 2017

AppleScript is a powerful scripting language that allows to directly control scriptable applications and some parts of macOS. The language itself can be a little bit frustrating for those who are not familiar with natural language programming paradigm. For example, with AppleScript, you can tell application "Preview" to quit or ask someone to print pages 1 thru 5 of document 2.

But my goal is not to promote or demote AppleScript. Instead, I wish to share a little script that I’ve fetched while experimenting with OmniFocus 2. I hate to manually capture issues that I care about, so I started to work on a script that takes URL from an active tab in Safari and sends it to OmniFocus into the right project with useful title and body.

For example, I want d12frosted/flyspell-correct#30 to go into the flyspell-correct project with title and description taken from that issue.

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