Deep in the black bashic

Posted on June 9, 2017
Updated on July 20, 2022
Tagged as #blog

It’s been a while since my latest blog post. You know how it works, right? Family to care about, work to be done, places to visit, nature to explore, tea to experience, wine to enjoy, WoW to waste your time on… And then you think to yourself: ‘I want to write something to my long forgotten blog. Something that would interest at least someone’. And then you realise that your blog is ‘hosted’ on the cheapest EC2 instance and has terrible loading time. You try to fix it by moving to S3 with CDN, but you still have hakyll as a blog compiler and not everything works as you wish. You fix several minor issues and then you notice the part where you upload your blog using some black bashic, so you go to CodeBuild and CodeDeploy to automate everything and end up configuring Docker. You waste time and money, but comfort yourself saying ‘At least I am learning something new, something I can share with folks later’.

That’s how it works, isn’t it?