flyspell-correct v0.1

Posted on June 22, 2016
Updated on July 20, 2022
Tagged as #emacs, #release, #flyspell-correct

flyspell-correct is a package for distraction-free words correction with flyspell via selected interface. It’s available on GitHub and MELPA.

Not long ago I have released the first version of flyspell-correct. There are several interesting changes compared to initial implementation. First of all, I divided this package into four different packages - core and interfaces. This allowed me to properly setup dependencies and also solved some problems with helm interface. Second important change - I’ve added a function called flyspell-correct-previous-word-generic, which is useful when the misspelled word is not under point, but long behind it. Right now I realise that it doesn’t work as perfect as I want, so I’ll improve it in the next release.

You can find more information about flyspell-correct on GitHub.