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Several days ago I moved back to Spacemacs from the custom mess I had in my .emacs.d and now I am moving back to Hakyll from org-publish. There are several reasons for this move, but the main one is Haskell1. You see, I haven’t coded in Haskell for a while and I started to feel sick, so I decided to fix that. While I was moving back to Spacemacs I haven’t moved my configurations for blog publishing because of two reasons. Firstly, it looks ugly from my point of view, so I wanted to spent some time improving that. Secondly, I wanted to add new features that required doing a lot of text transformations. So I asked myself - do I really want to have fun™ coding in Emacs Lisp? It turned out (and you wouldn’t expect) that my answer was in favor of Haskell.

So Hakyll, right? Well, at first I was thinking about builing my own The Only True Tool for generating static site2. But at this point it’s too distracting, so I decided to stick with tool that already works fine (mostly) - Hakyll. I am not saying that this desicion is permanent (as you can see, I like changing them), but currently my focus is on content transformation rather than file manipulation. And Pandoc is a great tool for that.

OK, let’s talk about one of my greatest complains about Hakyll – meta information duplication. Hakyll parses metadata from special block at the top of file or from separate file (with .metadata extension).

key: value
title: super post

I like keeping my notes (and blog posts) in org format which has it’s own notion of metadata block. I am talking about following block.

#+key:          value
#+title:        super post

But in order to make all tools happy you need to use both types of blocks. So you have a option to put Hakyll-block at the very top of file or put it into separate file. If you do it manually - you actually duplicate metadata. It’s not a big deal, but… well, it is. Mostly becasue Pandoc knows how to get metadata from different types of documents. It also knows, how to get it from org files. And since Hakyll comes with pandocCompiler it’s natural to expect from it to reuse this ability of Pandoc readers to parse metadata. But it turns out that Hakyll totally ignores it. So my first task was to fix it. I’ve patched Hakyll and currently I think about sending a pull request. But meanwhile, I am happy user of pandocMetadataCompilerWith function. And because of Pandoc I has really great control over my content.

So I am very satisfied with Hakyll as my blog generator tool. Haskell if fun, Hakyll and Pandoc are incredible tools. I highly encourage you to use them.

  1. Home page was greatly updated. If you haven’t seen it yet - go and see it.

  2. Just as reference:

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Boris Buliga

Source: Back to Hakyll (Pandoc)